News archive of January 2024

Reds and Greens stroll to comfortable Euroleague wins in Greece

Panathinaikos and Olympiakos scored comfortable victories at home in the first half of another double week in the Euroleague.

First up, the Reds put 101 past visiting Alba Berlin (101-87) at the Peace and Friendship Stadium on Tuesday to improve their record to 13-11 and climb to the seventh spot.

Charity and transparency

For civil society to function properly, it needs autonomy. The state should not stifle the activities of charitable organizations.

However, it seems that the minimum conditions to carry out a public benefit action and to accept and manage donations must be ensured. These organizations should at least have legal status so that rudimentary accountability to the authorities is possible.

The odyssey of Greek research: Navigating beyond ancient shadows

Ancient Greece, renowned for its pioneers in science and medicine such as Aristotle and Hippocrates, has left an indelible mark on the world's intellectual heritage. These luminaries' profound contributions serve as the bedrock of the scientific method, zoology, and medical ethics.

Another Public Killing In Bulgaria - This Time "The Notary" Was Murdered

In a shocking incident, Martin Bojanov, widely known as "The Notary," fell victim to a fatal shooting in Sofia's Gorna Banya neighborhood. The notorious figure, infamous for his involvement in fraudulent activities, was shot in the head.

Important address by Vučić within 48 hours: He will talk with White House officials?

They will discuss the decision of the authorities in Pristina to activate the decree on the abolition of the Serbian Dinar in Kosovo and Metohija starting tomorrow.
As "Novosti" unofficially learns, the head of state also spoke with two European leaders tonight, and a meeting with the Russian ambassador Alexander Botsan Kharchenko is scheduled for tomorrow.

STILL! | Athens | February 1-7

The enchanting musical theater production "STILL! A Statue That Traveled the World" comes to the Olympia Municipal Music Theater (59 Akadimias). Children and young adults are invited to follow the journey of a girl escaping the horrors of war, finding solace in an unfamiliar land under the statue of a soldier that unexpectedly comes to life, sparking an eternal friendship.

The university that often achieves the impossible

Athanasia, Marilena and Adamantia leaned carefully over the laboratory equipment. They were completing the final experiments before closing the envelope for the competition. From there, the three students and the rest of the team would travel to Paris and the iGEM international synthetic biology competition to present their groundbreaking idea: Can certain probiotics cure depression?

Transforming higher education

From Nikos Alivizatos' book "Beyond Article 16," I discovered that Greek higher education institutions were recognized as public legal entities after the civil war (1946-49), in a move designed to exclude communist professors.