Stunning Methoni Castle slated for much-needed repairs

Methoni Castle is a medieval fortification built by the Venetians atop ancient battlements on the tip of Messinia in southwestern Greece. [Militos Editions]

The Central Archaeological Council (KAS) has unanimously approved a preliminary study for the restoration of the northern part of Methoni Castle, in the southwestern Peloponnese. 

The 475,000-euro research program prepared by the Polytechnic of Crete includes works at the fortified Acropolis, the access route, the bastions, the wall and the gates of the castle, as well as the preparation of the necessary studies and supporting archaeological works. 

"The monument presents serious problems due to its location, as it is in close proximity to the sea and, in fact, in an area where strong winds blow," said Culture Minister Lina Mendoni. 

"The planned restoration is aimed at stopping the collapse of the walls and improving the monument's resistance to the wear and tear of time and visitor safety," she added.

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