No way out as Iraq’s dangerous post-election impasse deepens

Eight months after national elections, Iraq still doesn't have a government and there seems to be no clear way out of the dangerous deadlock.

Political elites are embroiled in cutthroat competition for power, even as the country faces growing challenges, including an impending food crisis resulting from severe drought and the war in Ukraine.

British man gets 15 years over smuggling artifacts

A British citizen was sentenced on June 6 by an Iraqi court to 15 years in prison on charges of smuggling artifacts out of the country, in a case that has attracted international attention.

The verdict handed down to retired geologist Jim Fitton, shocked the court in Baghdad, including his defense attorney. He and his family have argued that Fitton, 66, had no criminal intent.

Murals bring ‘joy’ to Baghdad concrete jungle

Iraqi artist Wijdan al-Majed is transforming Baghdad's concrete jungle into a color-filled city with murals depicting well-known figures from the war-scarred country and abroad.

Perched on a scaffold at a busy intersection, the 49-year-old artist and instructor at the Baghdad College of Fine Arts is adding final touches to a mural dedicated to celebrated Iraqi poet Muzzafar al-Nawab.

Slovenian journalist arrested in Iraq, report says

Ljubljana – Matej Kavčič, a reporter for the small independent radio station Radio Student, was arrested in Iraq on Sunday, most likely in Baghdad, the newspaper Večer reports on its website. According to the available information, he was arrested by the army, which disputes his status of reporter.

Stray animals find solace at Iraq animal shelter

Bella the dog can barely stand after being abused, but she is now receiving care from a Baghdad refuge that hopes to become Iraq's first veterinary clinic for stray animals.

The Baghdad Animal Rescue opened around a week ago, and Bella, a nervous fox-like dog who raises her muzzle for strokes while still shaking in fear, seems in caring hands.