Berlin police probe Roger Waters over Nazi-style uniform

Berlin police said on May 26 they were investigating Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters for incitement to hatred after he donned a Nazi-style uniform at a concert in the German capital.

Images on social media showed Waters wearing a long, black coat with red armbands on stage at the Mercedes-Benz arena last week.

Interventions to tone down rhetoric 

A temporary lull in Greek-Albanian diplomatic tensions has arisen ahead of the Greek elections after interventions from Washington, Berlin and Brussels.

Diplomatic tensions rose between Athens and Tirana after the arrest and imprisonment of the newly elected ethnic Greek mayor of Himare, Fredi Beleri, just two days before local elections in the neighboring country.

Stavros and Andreas Andreadis honored for contributions to tourism

Stavros and Andreas Andreadis, were presented with the 24th Lifetime Achievement Award as recognition of their innovative work in the development and promotion of their Sani & Ikos resorts in Greece and across the Mediterranean and their significant contribution to the restoration of luxury hospitality as a profitable investment idea.