Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines' reduction in supplies causes dissatisfaction within EU

This fact contributed to a growing dissatisfaction within the European Union.
Romania will thus receive 50 percent of the planned quantities this week, and deliveries will increase gradually, so that Bucharest will receive the agreed quantities only at the end of March, Deputy Health Minister Andrej Baciu told Reuters.

EU Top Diplomats Ask North Macedonia’s Prime Minister about Dispute with Bulgaria

The heads of the diplomatic missions of EU Member States in the Republic of North Macedonia, led by EU Ambassador David Gere, at their regular annual meeting with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev showed particular interest in resolving open issues with the Republic of Bulgaria, which resulted in no consensus on the negotiating framework for North Macedonia in Brussels, reports the "Sloboden Pecat", qu

Hungary in 2021: Fidesz Battles on Several Fronts as 2022 Election Looms

With Joe Biden set to replace Donald Trump in the White House in little over a week, Orban's most powerful political soulmate will be removed from the international chess board, taking with him the hope that a populist-rightist alliance could triumph globally over liberal forces.

Europe Starts Historic Vaccination in A Bid to Overcome The Pandemic Behind

EU launches a cross-border vaccination programme of unprecedented scale today as part of efforts to end a COVID-19 pandemic that  claimed more than 1.7 million lives around the world.

The region of 450 million people has secured contracts with a range of suppliers for over two billion vaccine doses and has set a goal for all adults to be inoculated during 2021.

Video Dance | December 18-20

As in its physical form, the online edition of the Athens Video Dance Project seeks to showcase predominant and emerging trends on the international dance scene. Running from December 18 to 20 on, the event features 70 video presentations from 20 countries, thanks to partnerships with dance film festivals in Berlin, Barcelona, Budapest and Graz, among others.

Poor Suffer Most as Czech Housing Crisis Deepens

Czechs seeking to buy an average sized apartment of 70 square metres faced paying over 11 times their annual salary in 2019, more than their peers in any other European country. That's a ranking they enjoyed for a fourth straight year. In the capital Prague, the average price per square meter rose to €3,395 last year, far above regional peers such as Budapest and Bratislava.

Iohannis, on unblocking EU budget, economic recovery package: Romania ready to use these funds

President Klaus Iohannis said on Twitter on Thursday evening about the unblocking of the future budget of the European Union and the economic recovery package after the COVID-19 pandemic, that "Romania is ready to use these funds to reforms and investments in key sectors". "Important agreement today by unblocking the future budget of the European Union and the economic recovery package.