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Bosnian Warehouse Workers Find Huge Cocaine Stash in Banana Boxes

Bosnia's State Investigation and Protection Agency, SIPA on Monday confirmed the seizure of 124 kilograms of cocaine that was found in banana boxes in a warehouse in the town of Siroki Brijeg.

"I can confirm the seizure, the investigators have done their part of the job, but due to the ongoing investigation, I can't give more details," Jelena Miovcic, SIPA's spokeswoman, told BIRN.

My Missing Husband: How Bosnia’s War Devastated an Albanian Family

Fadila Huduti last saw her husband Bajrus at a police station in the town of Doboj in northern Bosnia on May 5, 1992, after the married couple were arrested at their house by Serb soldiers.

"By a cruel twist of fate, it happened on our 20th wedding anniversary. We got married on May 5, 1972," Huduti said.

Bosnia Election Commission to Sue Dodik for Inciting National Hatred

Bosnia's Election Commission, the CIK, has filed a lawsuit against Bosnian Serb strongman and Serbian member of the state presidency Milorad Dodik, accusing him of inciting national hatred. The crime carries a statutory sentence of three months to ten years in prison if the accused is found guilty.

Two Bosnian Courts Reject Ban on Serb Chetnik Associations

Courts in the towns of Doboj and Sokolac have rejected requests to ban 16 associations whose titles contain the words 'Chetnik Movement' or 'Ravna Gora Movement', while three more courts in Bosnia's Serb-majority Republika Srpska entity are still considering requests to ban the associations, BIRN has learned.

Bosnia: Woman arrested for killing three grandchildren

The police in the town of Doboj in the Serb Republic in Bosnia-Herzegovina have arrested a local woman on suspicion that she killed three of her grandchildren.

Banja Luka media are reporting that the woman's intellectually disabled daughter gave birth to the babies, and that they had three different fathers.