Lufthansa Canceled 600 Flights on Friday due to the Cabin Crew Strike

New 600 Lufthansa-operated flights were canceled on Friday - the second day of the cabin crew strike. Among them are three from Munich and Frankfurt to Sofia. Three flights from Sofia to Germany will not be fulfilled.

On Thursday, 700 flights were canceled, causing chaos at airports in Europe.

Bulgarian Citizen - among the Victims of the Incident in Limburg, Germany

One Bulgarian citizen is among the victims of an incident in Limburg, Germany, in which a truck crashed into 8 cars. This was reported by the press centre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to information from the German police, the Bulgarian citizen suffered minor injuries, received medical assistance, and was subsequently released from medical observation.

The Banks which Are Affected by Brexit Are Heading to Frankfurt

Banks which are seeking for a new European financial centre after Brexit have so far turned their preferences to Frankfurt, according to a study by German bank Helaba.

By the end of August, 31 banks had chosen to establish or expand their operations in the western German city to secure their presence in the EU after London leave the bloc.