Empowerment of Consumers Drives Changes in Energy Markets

Dr. Nevenka Hrovatin, Professor of Economics at University of Ljubljana's Faculty of Economics, reveals the main challenges in energy markets and highlights the best practices from both Slovenia and the region while emphasizing that Slovenia should increase its ambition in the heating and cooling sector.

Generation Z

Fanbytes works with campaigns on new platforms such as Snapchat and TikTok with brands such as Apple Music, Sony, YouGov, Deliveroo, Warner, Universal Studios and the government. In the world of marketing they have redefined how brands communicate with Millennials and Generation Z.

Boutique Tourism in Slovenia

Yes, you have read it right, Slovenia is a pearl. Our guests, who we invite more and more every year, tell us this repeatedly. It is true that there are too many people in Kazakhstan and Central Asia and the Caucasus who still do not know where Slovenia is. They may not know a thing about it, but it is also true that sincere smiles from those who have visited Slovenia are invaluable.

Running along the River Savinja – to Celje and Back

Leave the motorway at the exit Šempeter. If you are driving from Ljubljana, turn right at the first crossing to Šempeter at the first roundabout and take the second exit to Prebold. After 200 meters, just before the bridge, turn left to the camping park Latkova vas. Park there and climb to the embankment that braces the river against floods.

Popular street theatre festival to visit dozen towns

Held under the slogan By People For People, Ana Desetnica - which its organisers dubbed "a travelling legend of many miracles, a diva of streets and squares" - wants visitors to get involved to make the festival a big home party.

This fits with its new Living Room concept which the festival's organisers Ana Monro Theatre have been developing in Ljubljana since 2017.

Dragan Velikić wins Vilenica Prize

The winner was first announced in the online edition of the Koper-based newspaper Primorske Novice, ahead of a news conference in Ljubljana on Wednesday.

Commenting on the news, Velikić told the paper that the Vilenica festival was very important to him. The first time he was invited to attend the festival was in 1989, when he published his debut novel Via Pula.

Iohannis: BRUA - one of steps for Romania to become regional security provider

President Klaus Iohannis emphasized on Wednesday the importance of the actual implementation of the projects launched at the Three Seas Initiative Summit that took place last year in Bucharest and indicated that the BRUA gas pipeline could be one of the steps through which Romania can become a regional security provider in the region.