Lufthansa Canceled 600 Flights on Friday due to the Cabin Crew Strike

New 600 Lufthansa-operated flights were canceled on Friday - the second day of the cabin crew strike. Among them are three from Munich and Frankfurt to Sofia. Three flights from Sofia to Germany will not be fulfilled.

On Thursday, 700 flights were canceled, causing chaos at airports in Europe.

Athens to see fastest rise in commercial property rates in Europe in 2020

Athens is projected to record Europe's highest increase in property prices and rental rates for commercial properties (office buildings, stores logistics etc) next year according to the annual survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers for the Urban Land Institute (ULI).

The report puts Athens on top of the chart of 31 European cities, followed by Lisbon, Berlin, Amsterdam and Munich.

EPO president apologizes for fan violence

The president of the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO), Vangelis Grammenos, sent a letter on Thursday to his German counterpart, Fritz Keller, apologizing for Tuesday's violent incidents during the UEFA Youth League game between visiting Bayern Munich and Olympiakos in Athens, when dozens of hooded individuals riding motorcycles and carrying bats and sticks stormed the pitch and attacked Germa

Vucic: I offered condolences because Babic failed to do it

Stanika Gligorijevic was killed in a car crash on the Doljevac tollbooth in a car accident caused by the driver of Corridors of Serbia Director Zoran Babic.
"It was my job to express condolences, as the one who should have done it, failed to do so several months after the accident", President Aleksandar Vucic said in the morning program of TV Pink.

FlixBus, The Biggest Bus Transportation Company in Europe and Operates in Bulgaria, Buys the Largest Carrier in Turkey

Europe's largest bus carrier, Germany's FlixBus, has announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Turkey's Kamil Koç, a leading long-distance carrier in our southern neighbor. Its network is about to be integrated into that of FlixBus. Kamil Koç operates services to 61 cities across Turkey, with over 20 million passengers in 2018.

The Droughts Affect 55 million People a Year, According to a WWF Report

A new report by the conservation organization WWF warns that the climate crisis poses an increasing real risk of global droughts. According to the study, these processes put pressure on wetlands and the urban environment and negatively impact the lives of 55 million people each year, putting energy supplies and food production at risk.

Closed Terminals at Munich Airport Due to Emergency Situation

Thousands of passengers were blocked at a German airport in Munich after an unidentified man managed to enter a special area of ​​Terminal 2 through the emergency exit door.

The second terminal at the Munich airport has been temporarily closed due to the possible entry of an unknown person into the special area located after the customs and passport checkpoints.