Province of Naples

Where to eat the best pizza in Athens

We owe pizza, at least as we know it today, to the lazzaroni, the poor Neapolitans who were so nicknamed because their ragged appearance recalled the biblical story of Lazarus' resurrection and emergence from the tomb. Since the lazzaroni were always on the road looking for work, they needed a cheap and easy meal.

Boundless Skies: Bulgarian Airports will Embrace the Schengen Integration with Inaugural Flights on March 31

As the clock strikes 00:20 on March 31, a significant milestone unfolds at Sofia Airport, marking Bulgaria's entry into the Schengen area by air. The inaugural Schengen flight from Naples, operated by a low-cost airline, will touch down on Sunday, symbolizing a new era of borderless travel for the nation.

Rossini's ‘Mehmet II’ opera to premiere at AKM

One of the most important operas about Turks, "Mehmet II (Maometto II)" by Gioachino Rossini, one of the most important composers of romantic-era opera, and librettist Cesare della Valle, will be premiered by the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet (IDOB) at the Atatürk Cultural Center - Türk Telekom Opera Hall on Feb. 24.

In 2023: Most Bulgarians Chose Italy As Their Preferred Destination For Air Travel

The travel organizing platform announced that Italy is the most preferred destination among Bulgarians for 2023. Nearly half of the travelers (44%) for a period of 2-3 days have chosen Italy for their vacation, with Rome, Milan, Venice, Bari, Bologna, Catania, and Naples being the most preferred destinations.

British Museum loans ancient Greek hydria for Athens exhibition

An ancient Greek red-figure vase is to be loaned from the British Museum to the Acropolis Museum, leaving London for the first time in 250 years.

The nearly 50-centimeter-high hydria (a form of Greek pottery from between the 7th and 3rd century BC) by the Meidias Painter, dates back to 420 BC. It is painted with scenes from mythology, including one featuring Hercules.