Province of Naples

National Library displays Leonardo da Vinci manuscripts

Two women peruse a display case at the National Library of Greece, which recently inaugurated a tribute to the first Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci. The tribute at the library's new home at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center on Athens's southern coast comprises a series of events over 2019, marking the 500-year anniversary of the Italian polymath's death.

168 Chasa: Bulgaria has been Taking Italy and UK's Waste for 12 Months

For 17 days, two ships with 12,000 tons landed in the city, another 5,000 tons arrived through the Bosphorus. 168 chasa made an enquiry to the Regional Inspection for Environment and Waters. After that they issued three recommendations for storing and transporting the torn smelly bales.

Pope Francis: Mafiosi have no Right to Call themselves Christians

Pope Francis fired the latest salvo in his condemnation of the Italian mafia on Wednesday, telling gangsters that they "carry death in their souls" and cannot claim to be Catholics.

Speaking at his weekly general audience in St Peter's Square, the Pope excoriated mafia criminals in a discourse about "fake Christians" who, he said, claim to be pious but in fact "live a corrupt life".