Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: Not the New Czech President’s Style

While that may have attracted some additional support from a sizable but fragmented anti-establishment and extremist minority that has emerged in the country, it also appeared to help mobilise the liberal democratic part of the electorate. The resulting turnout of over 70 per cent was a record for the second round of the election.

Zeman: We have not derecognised Kosovo, but we never sent ambassador to Pristina

BELGRADE - Czech President Milos Zeman said on Monday in Belgrade he had tried to get his country to derecognise Kosovo and that the attempt had been unsuccessful, but that neither he nor his predecessor had consented to Prague sending an ambassador to Pristina.

Zeman to visit Serbia on January 30

PRAGUE - Czech President Milos Zeman will visit Serbia on Monday, January 30, it was announced in Prague on Friday.

The trip to Belgrade will be Zeman's farewell visit at the end of his five-year presidential term.

He is scheduled to meet with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, with whom he will also open the renovated Czech House.

Democracy Digest: Slovakia Set for Referendum and Early Election

A referendum will take place in Slovakia on Saturday, as citizens vote on a constitutional change that would make it possible to shorten parliament's term through a referendum or by a majority vote in the parliament. The referendum, the first in seven years, was initiated by the opposition Smer party back in 2021.