Tehrān Province

Iran marks 45th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution as tensions grip the wider Middle East

Iran marked Sunday the 45th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution amid tensions gripping the wider Middle East over Israel's continued war on Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Thousands of Iranians marched through major streets and squares decorated with flags, balloons and banners with revolutionary and religious slogans.

US Launches Airstrikes on Syria and Iraq in Swift Response to Soldiers' Death

The United States initiated airstrikes in Syria and Iraq in response to a drone strike in Jordan that claimed the lives of three American soldiers. ABC and Fox News reported the targeted strikes, hitting over 85 locations, including command posts, intelligence centers, ammunition depots, and logistics facilities, using more than 125 precision-guided munitions.

Iran's long-lasting love for gemstones

At a prominent Shiite shrine in southern Tehran, Qasem Ashgari was buying yet another gemstone ring in the hope it would help his prayers to be answered promptly.

Asghari, in his 30s, who was already wearing several bands on each hand, had a specific ring in mind: A silver one, adorned with yellow agate and engraved with religious scripts.

US strikes 10 Huthi drones, downs unmanned Iranian aircraft

American forces carried out strikes in Yemen against 10 attack drones and a ground control station belonging to the Iran-backed Huthi rebels, the U.S. military said Wednesday.

A U.S. warship also shot down an anti-ship missile fired by the Huthis and later downed three Iranian drones, Central Command (CENTCOM) said.

Domestic calculations favor conflict

US and Iranian efforts to prevent a direct confrontation have been complicated by the attack of a pro-Iranian group which killed three American soldiers and injured many more in Jordan on Sunday. President Joe Biden declared that the US response will be fitting, while Tehran quickly declared that it had nothing to do with the attack.