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Sounding Out MEPs on the Polish Prime Minister’s Pitch to the EU

Morawiecki went to the European Parliament on October 19, where he delivered a speech that escalated the war of words between Warsaw and Brussels over the rule of law, claiming the CJEU was responsible for a "creeping revolution" that is undermining Poland's sovereignty.

Democracy Digest: European Court’s Polish Ruling Echoes Over Eastern Europe

The fine is the latest development in an ongoing conflict between Warsaw and Brussels over rule of law, which reached a critical moment earlier this month, when the politically controlled Polish Constitutional Tribunal ruled that some articles in EU Treaties were not compatible with the Polish Constitution.

The Car Crash that Bent the Wheels of Polish Justice

It was his girlfriend's idea. Valentine's Day was coming up and she wanted to see Fifty Shades Darker over the weekend. Koscielnik was not so keen. His exams were coming up and he would rather have been revising. He was 20 years old, a student at a technical college in his hometown of Oswiecim, in southern Poland.

Belarusians in Poland Reflect on Ebb of Anti-Lukashenko Revolution

"But the circle was closing in on me and my friends," Belkevich tells BIRN. "The KGB started coming to our houses to checkup on us. Then one day, I got a notification from the police telling me to show up at the station for interrogation that Friday. That's the moment I realised it was time to go."