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Traffic Congestion in Sofia is Worse than those in San Francisco and Sydney

The capitals of three neighbors of Bulgaria are among the ten cities in Europe with the greatest traffic congestion. These are Istanbul, Bucharest and Athens, with the first two cities ranked second and third in 2018, only behind Moscow. The Greek capital is in 7th place, ahead of Rome, Warsaw and Ekaterinburg.

Chief Architect of Warsaw Comes to Sofia for "Talks About the City"

Chief Architect of Warsaw, Poland Marlena Happach arrives in Sofia to participate in the fourth event of "Talks about the city", Sofia Municipality announced.

The organizer and host of the event is the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning.

The event is on Thursday 20th of June at 6 pm at the Military Club and the theme is "Walking City".

Polish Doctors say Government’s Healthcare Commitment a ‘Sham’

Kamila Jakubiak recalls the phone ringing at 4 a.m. and being summoned to Warsaw to perform emergency surgery.

It was a 100-kilometre drive from Radom in east-central Poland, where Jakubiak splits her residency as a junior doctor, or resident.

"At four in the morning I had to leave my child with someone," she said.

EU Elections a Dry Run for Poland’s United Opposition

"If you count the total number of PiS voters, there might not be that many but they do show up to vote," said Bartek Lech, an independent EU affairs analyst in Szczecin, northwest Poland.

The opposition's strategy, he said, "is not to take votes away from PiS - this is almost impossible. It is to mobilise the undecided and those who otherwise would not vote."

PM Dancila says she could've completed President Iohannis at Sibiu European summit

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said on Thursday that she and President Klaus Iohannis could have completed each other at the informal summit of EU leaders in Sibiu, where she did not participate, and she could have introduced Romania's achievements to Europe.

Frans Timmermans Calls For a European Minimum Wage

This can reduce the growing polarization between the rich and the rest, he thinks, quoted by NOVA TV. 

Frans Timmermans, the Socialist candidate for the European Commission's presidency, defended the idea of ​​introducing a minimum wage in Warsaw in all member states. This, in his words, can reduce the growing polarization between the rich and the rest.

Bulgaria’s PM in Warsaw: Our Countries Have Proven That They Can Be "at the Helm of the European Union"

 Our countries have proven that they can be "at the helm of the European Union", Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said during the Together for Europe EU enlargement 15th anniversary summit, the government press office said.

Bulgarian PM Borisov: Our Countries Proved that they can Be at the Steering Wheel of the EU

Our countries have proved that they can be the "at the steering wheel of the European Union," Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said during the Together for Europe plenary session in Warsaw on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the beginning of the great enlargement of the European Union.

Together for Europe Summit in Warsaw Kicked Off

The Together for Europe Summit in Warsaw, involving Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and the leaders of all member states, adopted since 2004 in the EU, has begun.

The occasion for the summit, initiated by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiec, is the 15th anniversary of the beginning of the great enlargement of the European Union.