Fear or trust?

Who fears and trusts the United States? This crucial question is being asked at this time, not by opponents of the US, but by some of the people who held very important positions in Washington. Congress has frozen the process of approving military aid to Ukraine.

US State Dept: Belgrade-Pristina dialogue on dinar should continue with urgency

WASHINGTON - The US State Department believes the EU-facilitated dialogue is the proper channel for resolving issues related to normalisation of Belgrade-Pristina relations and that discussions about the Serbian dinar should continue with urgency, says principal deputy spokesperson for the US State Department Vedant Patel.

World Bank plans $6 billion of financial support for Egypt

The World Bank is planning to give Egypt more than $6 billion in financial assistance over the next three years to help it meet its development priorities, the Washington-based lender has announced 

"Over the coming three years, the World Bank Group intends to provide more than $6 billion of support to Egypt," the development lender said in a statement.