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INTERVIEW/ Romanian Ambassador in Washington assures US investors that Gov't in Bucharest, functional, there is no legislative instability

AGERPRES special correspondent Florentina Peia reports: Romania's Ambassador in Washington, Andrei Muraru, told AGERPRES in an interview that he gave assurances to US investors, whom he encourages to come to Romania, that the Executive in Bucharest is a functional one, and the change of its makeup should not affect the business environment.

Crime historian conducts dig for D.B. Cooper case evidence

Nearly 50 years after skyjacker D.B. Cooper vanished out the back of a Boeing 727 into freezing Northwest rain — wearing a business suit, a parachute and a pack with $200,000 in cash — a crime historian is conducting a dig on the banks of the Columbia River in Vancouver, Washington, in search of evidence.


Aselsan keeps its place among top 50 defense companies

Turkey's top defense company Aselsan has been placed 48th in Defense News Top 100 list for 2020 with $2.2 billion in revenues.

The prestigious American magazine compiles the list in accordance with companies' annual defense revenues.

Aselsan increased its defense revenues by 2 percent year-on-year in 2020, according to Defense News.

Η Πολιτική Αεροπορία των ΗΠΑ εντόπισε νέο πρόβλημα στην παραγωγή των αεροσκαφών Boeing 787

Το πρόβλημα εντοπίστηκε σε Boeing που δεν έχουν παραδοθεί στους πελάτες της εταιρίας

US President Joe Biden Meets EU Leaders to Set Global Agenda

US President Joe Biden is due to meet top EU officials on Tuesday as they try to set common goals for global challenges such as the pandemic and what they see as China's more assertive stance, dpa reported. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European Council chief Charles Michel will welcome Biden in Brussels, with a tight agenda scheduled for their talks.