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Repeat Incident: Another Boeing Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Turkey with Landing Gear Malfunction

A passenger plane made a hair-raising landing "on its stomach" at Alanya airport in Turkey following a malfunction with its landing gear. This incident marks the second emergency landing in Turkey within a span of two days, intensifying concerns over aviation safety regarding Boeing.

Boeing to give $425 million advance payments to Spirit

Boeing is giving subcontractor Spirit Aerosystems $425 million in advance payments so it can maintain production and allow the U.S. aviation giant to fulfill its orders, a regulatory filing has shown.

Boeing has faced intense scrutiny since a near-catastrophic incident in January, when a fuselage panel blew off of a 737 MAX mid-flight.

US probing Boeing whistleblower claims on 787, 777 jets

Federal aviation authorities are investigating claims by a Boeing engineer that the 787 Dreamliner suffers from assembly defects that threaten safety, U.S. officials have said.

Attorneys for the whistleblower, Sam Salehpour, accuse the company of putting profit over safety, and retaliating against him after he raised concerns by "involuntarily" transferring him to the 777 program.

Boeing: Mystery over the death of former employee – He was a whistleblower as he had revealed manufacturing defects

He was found dead in a hotel parking lot days after he testified in a lawsuit against Boeing – He had revealed that substandard components had even been removed from trash cans and put on planes