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Small shareholder association boss found guilty of insider trading in retrial

Ljubljana – The Ljubljana Local Court has sentenced Kristjan Verbič, the president of the Pan-Slovenian Association of Small Shareholders (VZMD), to a suspended prison sentence for insider trading in 2007, the newspaper Delo reported. Verbič already got an eight-month suspended sentence in 2017.

Delo says DeSUS is done, but that will not affect pensioners

Ljubljana – The newspaper Delo looks at the Pensioners’ Party (DeSUS) in Tuesday’s front-page commentary, saying it is going “down the road of no return” and that “its one-way ticket will not take it to parliament” in the next election. There is actually no rational reason to justify the existence of single-issue parties, the paper says.

Delo says next govt should sort out public finance

Ljubljana – The newspaper Delo says in Monday’s front-page commentary that whatever the next government will be, it should normalise public finance without hindering economic growth. The current government is meanwhile showing a dismissive attitude towards the Fiscal Council and taxpayers by failing to heed the former’s warnings about future budgets.

Delo urges caution in arms deals

Ljubljana – The newspaper Delo notes on Saturday that there is a long history of scandals involving arms deals in Slovenia. Commenting on a government-to-government purchase of a transport aircraft from Italy, the paper says that the Defence Ministry has checked whether the deal could be carried out without an anti-corruption clause in the contract.

Media’s advertising revenue down 10% last year

Ljubljana – Total revenue from advertising in leading media in Slovenia dropped by a good 10% to EUR 250 million in 2020 compared to the pre-Covid year 2019. The biggest drop was recorded in outdoor advertising and the smallest in print media, according to an annual report compiled by the magazine Marketing Magazin.

Plurality in Delo poll in favour of early election

Ljubljana – A poll by Delo has found a plurality of voters in favour of a snap election, but a large share believe the government should serve our the rest of its term.

A total of 47% favour a snap election and almost 42% believe the current term should end on schedule, with under 4% saying a new coalition should be formed in the current sitting of the National Assembly.