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Croat Clothing Brand Profits From Tito Nostalgia

Croatian-based clothing company Titos is making sales across the globe, by rebranding the image and slogans of Yugoslavia's one-time communist boss as must-have wardrobe items.

The brand draws on the well known image of Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito and the legacy of Socialist Yugoslavia and its slogans about "unity" and the "working people".

Watch Benicio Del Toro in new Heineken’s spots

Famous actor Benicio Del Toro stars in Heineken’s  largest-ever global campaign, “There’s More Behind the Star.”

Del Toro comes to terms with being an international superstar who is constantly mistaken for other actors. In the first of three spots, Del Toro is interrupted by fans who think they’re haranguing Antonio Banderas.

11 companies that proposed 250-300 euros/month for Greek workers

A number of multinationals are exploiting the Greek crisis by taking advantage of the large numbers of unemployed. Daily To Vima listed 11 multinationals that called for wages at 250-300 euros so that they could continue operations in Greece a few months ago. It is worth recalling which multinationals are exerting this pressure:

New Cider Production Facility in Bulgaria to Stimulate Beer Market Segment

Nikolay Mladenov, CEO of one of Bulgaria's largest beer production companies - Zagorka, stated that Bulgaria has been chosen as a regional Balkan center of Heineken in the sector of cider production.

The brand Strongbow has already been introduced on the local market, while the project with a EUR 2 M investment involves a new distillation and bottling facility.