The West Reacts to Macron's Troop Deployment Idea as Russia Issues Warning

As French President Emmanuel Macron's suggestion of sending ground troops to Ukraine reverberates across the international stage, leaders from various countries have offered their reactions, painting a complex picture of diplomatic tensions and strategic considerations.

Navalny is dead, the world is speechless; "Within 24 hours"

Alexei Navalny's family should be notified of his death within 24 hours, one of his aides said.
He said that the family has not yet received official confirmation.
A video from the courtroom was published, which was allegedly created on Thursday, when Alexei Navalny from the prison colony joined the hearing via video link.

Kremlin blasts 'monstrous' strike on bakery in occupied Ukraine

The Kremlin yesterday blasted a Ukrainian strike on a bakery in the occupied eastern Ukrainian city of Lysychansk, which officials say killed at least 28 people including a child on Feb. 3.

The strike came almost two years into Russia's grinding offensive in Ukraine, where the frontline has barely moved in months, but attacks have intensified this winter.

Kremlin: Putin to discuss Ukraine with Turkey’s Erdogan

Russian President Vladimir Putin will discuss the conflict in Ukraine with his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan during his upcoming visit to Turkey, the RIA news agency cited Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying on Friday.

Peskov declined to say when exactly Putin would make the visit. A Turkish official told Reuters this week that it would take place on February 12.

Global Condemnation: Bulgaria, US and Allies Denounce North Korea-Russia Arms Transfers

The United States, alongside allied nations including Bulgaria, has issued a resounding condemnation of arms transfers between North Korea and Russia. This statement, undersigned by major European Union countries excluding Hungary and Slovakia, castigates the acquisition of North Korean ballistic missiles by Russia, allegedly utilized against Ukraine on December 30 and January 2.

Russia to do 'everything' to halt Ukrainian shelling of Belgorod

The Kremlin said on Tuesday the Russian military would do everything in its power to tackle an increase in Ukrainian shelling of the border city of Belgorod.

The city has suffered an uptick in fatal shelling attacks in recent weeks that prompted city officials to evacuate hundreds and extend a closure of schools.

Kremlin: No Peace Talks on Kyiv's Terms!

In a firm statement, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissed the prospect of peace talks with Ukraine on terms set by Kyiv, citing the impossibility of negotiations under such conditions. Peskov's remarks were in response to comments from official Washington, where he labeled the White House's expectations for 2024 negotiations as "absolutely unrealistic."