Η Lidl Ελλάς υπογραμμίζει τη δέσμευσή της για την προστασία του κλίματος με τη δική της κλιματική στρατηγική και φιλόδοξους κλιματικούς στόχους

Στον δρόμο για ένα καλύτερο αύριο, η προστασία του κλίματος για την Lidl Ελλάς, είναι μονόδρομος.

Seven-member Slovenian Summer Paralympics team unveiled

Ljubljana – The Slovenian team for the 2020 Summer Paralympics, which will take place in Tokyo between 24 August and 5 September, presented itself to the press in Ljubljana on Monday. The team featuring seven athletes in seven sports was greeted by Japanese Ambassador Hiromichi Matsushima, who wished them all the best at the games.

Chaos in Britain; millions of people in isolation; stores empty, no one to work PHOTO

Retail chain owners are urging ministers to take urgent action.
Namely, 'Freedom Day' took place in England on Monday, i.e. the abolition of almost all restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, but at the same time the number of newly infected is growing and chaos is being created due to self-isolation application.

Campaign helps cut food waste in schools, kindergartens almost by half

Mengeš – Slovenian schools and kindergartens have reduced food waste by 42% as part of the Food is Not for Waste project by the Eco-School programme and the retailer Lidl Slovenia. The project, which aims to raise awareness of responsible food consumption and disposal, also marked the first Slovenian No Food Waste Day on 24 April.

«Μη βλέπεις ταμπέλες. Δες τους ανθρώπους»: η νέα επικοινωνιακή καμπάνια της Lidl Ελλάς

Αφιερωμένη στους ανθρώπους της εταιρείας, την πραγματική Lidl Ελλάς

Retail Chains: There is no Shortage of Food and Essential Goods

Large retail chains have reassured that no shortage of food and essential goods is expected due to the cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria. This was made clear by a message from the Modern Trade Association. Billa, Deichman, DM, Kaufland, Lidl, Pro market, Hippoland, Mr. Bricolage и T-Market are members of the Association.

Six of the Largest Retail Chains Have Invested BGN 17.5 Million in Improving the Living Environment in Bulgaria

Six of the largest retail chains in Bulgaria - Billa, dm, Kaufland, Lidl, Mr. Bricolage and T MARKET have invested BGN 16, 5 million in environmental sustainability in the last year alone. Separately, they have donated over BGN 1 million to support over 50 social initiatives, driven by the drive to improve the lives of people in Bulgaria.