Austrians unfamiliar with war crimes of their ancestors

VIENNA - Little is known in Austria about war crimes committed by Austro-Hungarian soldiers during World War I (1914-1918), Austrian historian Robert Goeckel stated.

In a text issued by the Vienna-based daily Die Presse, Goeckel stated that the documentation of Swiss forensic scientist professor Archibald Rudolph Reiss on the crimes was never translated into German.

Bulgaria Among The Authors Of UN Resolution On Crimea

Bulgaria was among the authors of the UN resolution, condemning the annexation of Crimea by Russia, said a diplomatic source, quoted by the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR). 

Bulgaria, together with all EU member states voted in favour of the resolution of the UN General Assembly, which called the act “illegal” and affirmed Ukraine's territorial integrity. 

Montenegro Urged to Stop Gender-Selective Abortions

The Council of Europe's human rights commissioner Nils Muiznieks called on the Montenegrin authorities on Sunday to educate health professionals and adopt strict guidelines in order to prevent selective abortions.

According to the UN, some 100 girls are born for every 110 boys in Montenegro, while the usual ratio is 100 to 102-104.

Troops Of 12 Countries To Hold An Exercise in Bulgaria

Land troops of 12 countries will take part in the international military exercise at the Novo Selo range in Bulgaria. 

Saber Guardian, the largest exercise for this year, starts on Friday and will include 700 troops from Bulgaria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, USA, Belgium, Turkey and Ukraine, according to Bulgaria's Defence Ministry.

Moldova's pro-European course 'can only lead to a better life'

Moldova's pro-European course 'can only lead to a better life'

Moldova's effort to maintain a pro-European course is a positive example for Ukraine and other countries in the region that aspire to EU membership, experts and officials say.

Moldovan citizens will soon be able to travel to the EU's border-free Schengen area without a visa. [AFP]

Mrkic: Schroeder's statement comes too late

BELGRADE - Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivan Mrkic stated on Monday that the statement by Gerhard Schroeder, former chancellor of Germany, that the 1999 air campaign against Serbia constituted a violation of the international law came too late, reiterating that Serbia advocates the adherence to the international law in all circumstances.