Bulgaria's Air Pollution Levels Remain Highest in Europe – WHO

Bulgaria remains the leader in the European Union in terms of air pollution, according to the World Health Organization.

The highest concentration of the two main types of particulates has been measured in Bulgaria, the WHO latest data has showed. Poland and Romania rank second and third in the negative rating.

61st short film festival concludes by award delivery

BELGRADE - The 61st Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival ended in Belgrade late on Sunday by the repeated screening of best films and the award delivery ceremony, as the Grand Prix went to film 'Buhar' (Vanished Into Blue) by Turkish director Abdurrahman Oner.

The competition programme gathered 53 foreign and 31 local films.

Bulgaria Has The Eighth Cheapest Beer In The World

Bulgaria has the eighth cheapest local beer in the world, shows a survey of the Global Post website, based on data of UN Office of Drugs and Crime. 

A half-liter bottle of locally produced beer in Bulgaria costs USD 0.77. It is the cheapest in Vietnam – USD 0.59 and most expensive in Iran – USD 7.24. In the Czech republic, known for its quality lager, a bottle costs USD 0.70.