El Salvador puts 500 gang members to mass trial while Ecuador detains 6,600 in first 30 days of gang war

In El Salvador each of the accused is facing a min sentence of 95 years – In Ecuador the war declaration is accompanied by a state of exception decree issued in response to a series of terrorist actions

Ecuador's U-Turn: Russia's Diplomatic Strategy Foils US Weapons Transfer Plan

Ecuador has officially abandoned its plans to send Soviet-style weapons to the United States, which were intended for transfer to Ukraine, citing its stance on international armed conflicts. The decision was announced by Gabriela Sommerfeld, the foreign minister of Ecuador, as reported by Deutsche Welle.

Ecuador decriminalizes euthanasia

Ecuador decriminalized euthanasia on Wednesday, becoming the second Latin American country to allow the procedure, in response to a lawsuit brought by a terminally ill patient.

With seven of its nine judges voting in favor, the country's Constitutional Court opened the door for doctors to help an untreatable patient die without going to jail.

Cocaine worth €2.8 mln hidden in banana containers seized at Piraeus port

Dozens of packages of cocaine were confiscated on Wednesday by Greek authorities at the port of Piraeus inside banana containers shipped from Ecuador.

Customs inspectors undertook an x-ray examination of a suspicious cargo container of bananas revealing organic material in the refrigeration units. 

They angered Russia; They breached the contract - Moscow has only one message

Russia called that move a "reckless" violation of the treaty, RIA reported.
Ecuador's government said last month it would accept an offer from Washington to exchange what it called "Ukrainian and Russian scrap metal" for advanced US equipment worth $200 million.

Ecuador nabs wanted narco, president says crackdown bearing fruit

Ecuador on Monday announced the arrest of a wanted cocaine trafficker from neighboring Colombia, as President Daniel Noboa said his government's crackdown on gang violence was starting to bear fruit.

Carlos Arturo Landazuri Cortes, a "high-value target," was captured overnight after months of investigations and intelligence work, Ecuador's police chief Cesar Augusto Zapata said on X.

Andean ministers to discuss crossborder crime

Foreign, interior and defense ministers of Andean countries will hold an urgent meeting this weekend to discuss the problem of cross-border drug crime that has plunged Ecuador into a security crisis, Peru's government said on Jan. 15.

Peruvian Prime Minister Alberto Otarola told reporters the meeting in Lima on Jan. 21 will focus on ways to confront transnational crime.

Vast network of lost ancient cities discovered in the Amazon

Archaeologists have discovered the largest and oldest network of pre-Hispanic cities ever found in the Amazon rainforest, revealing a 2,500-year-old lost civilization of farmers.

The vast site, which covers more than 1,000 square kilometers, was long hidden by the jungle in the Upano valley on the foothills of the Andes mountain range in eastern Ecuador.