Israel Claims Control Over Strategic Zone Between Gaza and Egypt

The Israeli army has announced that it controls the strategic zone along the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, known as the Philadelphi Corridor. This area spans 8 kilometers and, in some places, is more than 100 meters wide. The military claims to have discovered 20 tunnels used by the radical Palestinian group Hamas to smuggle weapons into Gaza.

China's Xi calls for Middle East peace conference

Chinese President Xi Jinping called on Thursday for a peace conference on the war between Israel and Palestinian militant group Hamas as he addressed Arab leaders and diplomats at a forum in Beijing.

China is this week hosting Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and several other Arab leaders for a forum at which discussions on the war in Gaza were expected.

EU's Borrell urges enforcement of UN court order on Israel offensive

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Monday a U.N. court ruling telling Israel to stop its offensive in Gaza's Rafah must be implemented, as European ministers met Arab counterparts in Brussels.

Israel has continued to strike Rafah as its government has dismissed Friday's ruling from the International Court of Justice.

Israel slammed over Rafah strikes as death toll hits 45

The health ministry in Hamas-run Gaza said Monday that the death toll from an Israeli air strike on a camp housing displaced Palestinians in Rafah had risen to 45.

"The Rafah massacre yesterday left 45 martyrs, including 23 women, children and elderly. There are 249 others who were wounded," the ministry said in a statement, updating the previous toll.

Aid enters Gaza under new deal as Israel continue strikes

Aid trucks entered Gaza from southern Israel yesterday through a new agreement to bypass the Rafah crossing with Egypt after Israeli forces seized the Palestinian side of it earlier this month amid heavy shelling in the southern region.

But was unclear if humanitarian groups would be able to access the aid because of ongoing fighting in the area.

Hamas Claims Capture of Israeli Soldiers

A spokesman for Hamas' armed wing announced that its fighters captured Israeli soldiers during clashes in Jabalia in northern Gaza, though the Israeli military denied this claim, according to reports from Reuters.

The Hamas spokesman did not specify the number of soldiers allegedly captured or provide evidence to support his statement.