Microsoft announces Thai datacenter region, AI training

Microsoft said Wednesday it would create Thailand's first data centre region to boost cloud and artificial intelligence infrastructure, promising AI training to more than 100,000 Thais to develop tech.

Bangkok is a key economic player in Southeast Asia, but it has lagged behind Indonesia and Singapore when it comes to the tech industry.

Volcano Eruption Triggers Urgent Evacuations of Thousands in Indonesia

Indonesia is grappling with a mounting crisis as rescue teams mobilize to evacuate thousands of people following a series of volcanic eruptions that have rattled the region. The eruption of the Ruang volcano, located on a small island in North Sulawesi province, has prompted authorities to take swift action amid fears of escalating danger.

Turkish corvette sets sail for Japan in tribute to historic voyage

The Turkish corvette TCG Kınalıada embarks on an expedition to the Far East on April 8, retracing the route of the ill-fated frigate Ertuğrul, which sank en route from Japan in 1890.

The voyage also marks the centennial milestone of diplomatic ties between Türkiye and Japan.