Ballot boxes to be set up in 15 more countries

The Supreme Election Board (YSK) has announced that ballot boxes will be established in 15 more countries in the elections to be held on May 14, YSK President Ahmet Yener has announced.

YSK decided to set up ballot boxes in 21 overseas representations in 15 countries, in which Turkish citizens did not cast vote in previous polls.

Three Bulgarians, including a Pregnant Woman and a Military Man, caught Transporting Migrants in Plovdiv

Three people, including a 7-month pregnant woman and a military man, were caught while transporting four illegal migrants, reported the National Television.

They were detected in yesterday in Plovdiv region.

Cold water swimmers converge on Bled

Some 1,000 swimmers from all over the world have gathered at the lakeside town of Bled to take part in the 13th Winter Swimming World Championships this week. The oldest among them is about to turn 88.

The participants come from 31 countries, most of them from Finland, the UK, Germany and Denmark, but there are also swimmers from Argentina, Mongolia and Morocco.

When leading a parliament includes helping the police raid lawmakers

Roberta Metsola achieved a number of firsts when she was elected president of the European Parliament a year ago.

She was the first person from Malta, the smallest European Union country, to hold the job; the first woman in 20 years; and, at 43, the youngest president in the Parliament's history.

Young woman travels world without money

A young woman from the northern province of Çorum, who has been traveling the world for four months without paying any bills, food, drink, or accommodation, is now in Albania, her 11th country.

Sıla Güngören, 24, set off to realize her dream after graduating from Marmara University's Law Faculty and completing her law internship.