Libyan wins top Arabic fiction prize with debut novel

Libyan author Mohamed Alnaas became the youngest winner of the prestigious International Prize for Arabic Fiction with his debut novel "Bread on Uncle Milad's Table" on May 22.

Alnaas, 31, will receive $50,000 and funds will also be provided to translate his book into English, organizers said on their website.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn: “I am and will always be a friend of Greece”

He was removed from politics and public life in general after the Sofitel scandal in New York in 2011. He now lives in Morocco where he is very involved in humanitarian action and continues to provide his valuable advice to private companies with absolute discretion.

Tragic end: Little Rayan died just half an hour after he was pulled out of the well

According to Al Jazeera Morocco, official information has arrived that the boy did not survive the operation.
Let us remind you, a five-year-old boy Rayan, who was trapped underground for days, in a well 32 meters deep in Morocco, was pulled out after several days of rescue operation.
Rescuers dug a canal parallel to the well for days, and the last meters were dug by hand.

Botaş lowers gas flow to industry, power stations

Turkey's Petroleum Pipeline Corporation (Botaş) has lowered natural gas flow to large industrial sites and power stations by 40 percent because of a disruption in pipeline gas imports from Iran.

The national pipeline company has taken all neceassary measures for households not be affected by the shortage, a statement released in the evening on Jan. 20 said.