Norway union threatens sympathy blockade against Tesla

Norway's biggest private sector union said Wednesday it would block the transit of Tesla cars into Sweden if the US automaker refuses to sign a Swedish collective wage agreement by December 20.

Since October 27, some 130 mechanics at 10 Tesla repair shops in seven Swedish cities have been striking to protest against the carmaker's refusal to sign a collective agreement.

It will be stronger than Chernobyl; If you experience loss of teeth and blindness...

According to the "Guardian", this could pose a risk to the public.
According to that newspaper, citizens have already been told that if they feel that their skin peeling, bleeding from orifices, loss of teeth, hair and intermittent blindness, to immediately call emergency medical services.

European Sky Shield: Bulgaria Joins 11 Nations in Air Defense Initiative

The Bulgarian Council of Ministers has greenlit a landmark decision, approving a draft Memorandum of Understanding between Bulgaria and 11 European nations. This paves the way for a collaborative effort in procuring ground-based air defense systems under the European Sky Shield initiative.

EU shifts to digital visas for Schengen area

People applying for visas to visit Europe's Schengen area will soon do so via an online platform, under a change adopted by EU foreign ministers.

The shift towards digitalization of the visa process will also do away with the need for applicants to get a sticker in their passport, meaning no more appointments at consulates or service providers' offices.

Bulgaria Joins European Sky Shield: A Look into Defense Integration

Bulgaria has recently embarked on a significant strategic move by aligning itself with the "European Sky Shield Initiative" (ESSI), a collaborative air defense project led by Germany, aiming to fortify Europe's defenses against evolving aerial threats, primarily emanating from Russia.

EU Shatters Speed Limits: Get Ready for 10-Second Euro Transfers

In a landmark development, the European Union (EU) has ushered in a new era of financial transactions with the introduction of instant Euro transfers that take just 10 seconds. This transformative change is the result of an agreement between EU member states and the European Parliament, underpinned by a proposal made by the European Commission a year ago.