Bulgaria's Freedom Ranking: What the Latest Report Reveals

Photo: Stella Ivanova @novinite.com

Bulgaria finds itself in the "free country" category, although its standing teeters on the edge, according to the latest report from the American non-governmental organization "Freedom House." With a score of 78 out of 100, Bulgaria has slipped one place compared to 2022.

The report reveals that Bulgaria's performance among EU member states is somewhat salvaged by Hungary, which remains classified as "partly free" with 65 points. Notably, Poland outperforms Bulgaria with 80 points.

Hungary also plays a role in preventing Bulgaria from landing at the bottom of the "Transparency International" corruption perception index.

Bulgaria's score breakdown showcases 32 points for civil rights and 46 points for political rights. Despite its challenges, Bulgaria fares better than some neighboring countries, such as Serbia and North Macedonia, which are labeled as "partially free."

Interestingly, countries outside of Europe, including Argentina, Chile, Cape Verde, and Barbados, boast higher scores in terms of freedom than Bulgaria, indicating room for improvement.

At the top of the global rankings, Finland holds the title of the freest country, followed by New Zealand and Norway. In contrast, Russia ranks as "not free" with a score of 13, while Ukraine is classified as "partly free" with 49 points.

The report also sheds light on global democracy trends, noting a concerning decline in political rights and civil liberties across numerous countries. Elections in some nations were marred by violence and manipulation, contributing to the overall decline in freedom worldwide for the 18th consecutive year.

Notable shifts in classification include Ecuador's move to "partly free" due to violent interference in the election process and...

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