NATO Survey: Half of Bulgarians do not want to Protect an Ally

Just over 50% of Bulgarians do not want to defend a NATO ally if it is attacked. Over 10% do not want NATO to protect them if Bulgaria is attacked.

These and other data show a sociological survey from November 2022 among the 30 member countries of the alliance plus Sweden and Finland.

Bulgaria has the Lowest GDP per capita in the EU

In 2022, gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, expressed in purchasing power standards (PPS), varied between 59 percent from the European Union average in Bulgaria and 261 percent in Luxembourg. This is shown by the latest data of the European statistical agency Eurostat, published yesterday on its official page and quoted by BTA.

President Radev: Bulgaria and 9 other ЕU Countries are not Participating in the Joint Procurement of Ammunition for Ukraine

Bulgaria and 9 other ЕU countries are not participating in the joint procurement of ammunition for Ukraine, President Rumen Radev said in Brussels ahead of the European Council summit. 17 countries agreed to joint procurement of ammunition for Ukraine. "Bulgaria is committed to producing projectiles for the needs of our partners, if they request it, not for Ukraine", President Radev added. 

Bulgaria will receive EUR 16 Million in Compensation due to large Imports of Grain from Ukraine

The European Commission will provide 56 million euros to support farmers in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, affected by the increased export of agricultural products from Ukraine, said Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski, quoted by Bloomberg. "We're seeing an increase in supplies, a huge increase in imports to the border countries," he said.

Poland could enter the war?

The Polish ambassador to France, Jan Emerick Rosciszewski, said on LCI that Warsaw would intervene in the conflict with Moscow if Kyiv was defeated.
"It is not NATO, Poland or Slovakia that is exerting growing pressure, it is Russia that attacked Ukraine. Russia is stealing its territories. Russia is killing its own people. Russia is kidnapping Ukrainian children," he said.