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BNB Governor: The Adoption of the Euro will not Generate Unhealthy Inflationary Impulses in Bulgaria

Adopting the euro will not generate inflationary impulses above the health levels, but that does not mean that prices will remain unchanged. This is a process of real convergence, which means bringing both incomes and prices closer to the average in Europe. BNB Governor Dimitar Radev said on BNT, reports Dnevnik. 

National Assembly adopts Serbia's state budget for 2019

149 (out of 250) people's deputies (members of the Assembly) were in attendance, Tanjug reported.

According to the Serbian government, the new budget envisages revenues of RSD 1,246.2 billion and expenditures of RSD 1,269.1 billion, so the deficit will be RSD 22.9 billion, which is 0.4 percent of the expected gross domestic product (GDP).

President: Haradinaj is right; US is behind everything

The president also said on Friday, after the opening of a new factory in the town of Kragujevac, that it was "not realistic for Serbia to change America's mind, which sees Kosovo's independence as a done deal," Beta agency is reporting.

He added that he "always said it that Albanians are doing nothing on their own, but that the US is behind everything."