Human Rights Watch

Rights Groups Warn Turkish Govt Control of Internet Threatens Elections

The Twitter logo is seen on a smartphone held beside a Turkish flag. Photo: EPA/Karl-Josef Hildenbrand

"The Turkish government has accelerated its efforts to enforce censorship and tighten control over social media and independent online news sites ahead of this election," said Deborah Brown, senior technology researcher at Human Rights Watch.

Saudi fund invests in Johnny Depp French period film

A Saudi film fund announced  that it is investing in Johnny Depp's new movie, a French period drama in which he plays King Louis XV.

The Red Sea Film Foundation said in a statement that it was backing the new film, "Jeanne du Barry," directed by France's Maiwenn, who also stars in the title role as the famous 18th century courtesan.

Human Rights Watch: Bulgaria used Violence when repelling Migrants

EU member states, including Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Poland and Spain, have continued to engage in illegally turning back migrants and perpetrating violence at their borders, Human Rights Watch said in its annual report on the state of human rights around the world.

Human Rights Watch: Air Pollution Killing Thousands in Bosnia

Human Rights Watch has again drawn attention to the problem of air pollution in Bosnian cities. "Nine per cent of the country's deaths are due to air pollution and an estimated 3,300 people die prematurely every year as a result of exposure to ambient PM2.5 air pollution," an HRW report published on Monday says.