Italian police

Two Bulgarians Arrested in Italy, They Carried a 11 Tonnes of Hashish with a Yacht

Italian police found 11 tons of hashish on a 19-meter yacht sailing under a Dutch flag off the coast of Sicily.

Two people, Bulgarians, were on the yacht and are arrested, the Italian agency ADJI and the electronic edition of the Republic newspaper reported.

French Skier who Disappeared in Italy in 1954 is Finally Identified

A French skier who disappeared in Italy more than 60 years ago has been identified after his story was shared on social media, Italian police say.

Human remains, ski equipment and glasses had been found in 2005, high in a valley in Italy's Aosta region.

But investigators were unable to identify the victim, and, last month, shared their findings on Facebook.

Albania Ex-Minister Quits Parliament to Fight Smuggling Claims

Six months after Albania's ruling Socialist Party used its parliamentary majority to block a request for his arrest on suspicion of drug smuggling, Albania's longest-serving Minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri, on Thursday said he will resign as an MP, losing his immunity from arrest in the process.