Ministry of Environment and Waters

"Four Paws" Reports a Significant Increase in Donations

A significant increase in donations is reported by the Bulgarian office of the international "Four Paws" animal protection NGO. This was announced by Yavor Gechev from the foundation in an interview with Horizon. He says there is, albeit little, positive progress in the work of the institutions with regard to crimes against animals.

Half of the Zoo Parks in Bulgaria have no Valid License

A check was started in the zoo in Haskovo after the death of two newborn lions. They died hours after their birth due to lack of care on the part of the staff. Against this background, the Ministry of Environment and Waters shows that half of the zoos in the country - 10 out of 20 - are without a valid license.

Minister Neno Dimov: We have Made Significant Progress in Regards to Air Quality During the EU Presidency

The Ministry of Environment and Waters has made significant progress on the issue of clean air during the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council. This was said by Minister of Environment and Water Neno Dimov in the radio station Focus Radio. He explained that the topic was raised as a political debate on the Informal Council of EU Ministers.

The European Forum for Innovation will Discuss Air Quality in Sofia

The 21st European Eco-innovation Forum is held today and Tuesday in Sofia Tech Park.

The Forum is organized jointly by the Directorate General for Environment of the European Commission and the Ministry of Environment and Waters. The event will be accompanied by a new protest action in defense of Pirin National Park.

Hundreds of People Protest in Kavarna Against the Prohibition of Construction and Agriculture in the Kaliakra Protected Area

Hundreds of people protest in Kavarna on the order of the Minister of Environment from the end of last month, which prohibits construction and agriculture in the Kaliakra Protected Zone. Today, a public discussion on the management plan for the protected area needs to be held, reported bTV.

The EC Lawsuit Against Bulgaria Ends with a Ban on New Constructions in Kaliakra

The EC lawsuit against Bulgaria ends with a ban on new construction in Kaliakra, the press service of the Ministry of Environment and Waters announced.

The Minister of Environment and Water Neno Dimov has achieved the most favorable for our country arrangements with the European Commission in the case of the wind generators in the Kaliakra Protected Area, the ministry said.