Russian Defense Ministry

Russian Defense Ministry: 10 ATACMS Missiles Intercepted Over Crimea

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday that 10 long-range ATACMS missiles launched from Ukraine were intercepted and shot down over Crimea during the night. Mikhail Razvozhaev, the governor of Sevastopol, reported that debris from the intercepted missiles fell in a residential area.

Russia to Conduct Military Exercises with Tactical Nuclear Weapons

Reports from AFP and Reuters have revealed that Russia is set to conduct military exercises in the near future, involving the use of tactical nuclear weapons. The maneuvers, ordered by President Vladimir Putin, aim to test the readiness of non-strategic nuclear forces and will include preparation and deployment drills.

Ukrainians are retreating? "Russian troops have entered..."

The Ministry of Defense of Russia states that their army conquered the village of Petrovskoe in that area and occupied more favorable positions.
The Ukrainian army shot down another Russian Su-34 fighter jet, Unijan reports.
According to the Ukrainian air force, the air defense shot down the Su-34 in the east of the country.