Serbian government 300 workers of "Fiat" blocked highway, refusing to talk to Prime Minister

As has learned, the workers rejected the Prime Minister's proposal to come to the Serbian Government for talks today at 4.30 p.m.
First, they asked for a severance pay of 1.000 euros per year, and today they are asking for 2.000 per year, which is 10 times more than other workers in Serbia receive.

Vucic: I will decide

According to him, he has not yet decided whether he will go to the summit, and before making a decision, he will talk with the leaders of the Open Balkans, as well as with members of the Serbian Government.

Kosovo Arrests Serb on War Crime Charges

Kosovo Police announced on Friday that a Serb has been arrested near the western town of Istog/Istok for allegedly committing a war crime against the civilian population.

"After an investigative work from the War Crimes Investigative Unit, police identified and arrested a Serb for war crimes against civilian population in Kosovo during 1998-1999," a police statement said.

Kosovo Seeks Satellite Images of Suspected War Grave in Serbia

The Kosovo government told BIRN that more satellite images are needed of the Stavalj mine near Sjenica in south-west Serbia, where Kosovo Albanian victims of the Kosovo war are suspected to have been buried, in order to reach a definitive conclusion about whether excavation work at the site should continue or stop.

NLB buying out small Komercijalna Banka shareholders

Ljubljana – The NLB bank has send a request to its Serbian subsidiary NLB Komercijalna Banka for a buy-out of the minority shareholders as Slovenia’s largest bank recently reached the relevant threshold after acquiring additional shares. NLB expects that the buy-out will have a neutral impact on the group’s bottom line.

Limits of Human Rights are Being Tested on Journalists – Report From the Debate „Influence of New Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Surveillance Technology on Freedom of Expression and the Media“

The OSCE ambassador underscored that the problem of surveillance and its impact on media freedoms is not just an issue for the Serbian government, but for European countries as well. Those who control information, control the future.