Serbian government

Documents Reveal Extent of Exploitation at Chinese Tire Site in Serbia

The house in Zrenjanin which Vietnamese workers are living. November 2021. Photo: A11/ Sara Nikolic

The Serbian government, which frequently courts foreign investors with generous subsidies and, in the case of Linglong, free land, says inspectors have found nothing wrong, describing the Linglong construction site as "the most monitored in Serbia."

In Serbia, Justice Gets an Early Release

He exercised de jure and de facto responsibility over Serbian police forces that "committed crimes on a massive scale," it added.

My colleagues and I documented many of those appalling acts, which resulted from policy rather than rogue troops. I testified at the UN tribunal against Lukic and his cohorts, three of whom are also now free.

Week in Review: Battles Big and Small

Ambitious Plans

Serbian President Vucic, PM Ana Brnabic met the Rio Tinto delegation. June 2021. Photo: Serbia's Presidency

Serbia, or rather its western part, sits on top of some of Europe's largest lithium reserves. The metal is a key component of batteries which are crucial to the success of Europe's planned and much mooted 'green transition'.

Kosovo Court Confirms Serb Ex-Policeman’s War Crimes Conviction

The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the verdict finding former Serb reservist policeman Nenad Arsic guilty of war crimes and confirmed his six-year prison sentence.

Arsic was found guilty of committing the crimes on May 21, 1999 during a police operation against Kosovo Albanian civilians in Pristina's Emshir neighbourhood.