Super League

Greece eyes FIFA-UEFA ‘memorandum’ for Super League overhaul

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said Thursday that the presidents of international soccer's governing bodies, FIFA and UEFA, will be invited to Greece to help draft a "memorandum" to overhaul the country's troubled Super League.
Speaking in Parliament, Mitsotakis said that the government would not hesitate to suspend the country's championship if the problems persisted.

Amendment sparing northern Greek clubs from relegation passed in Parliament

Parliament on Wednesday backed a controversial legal amendment that will prevent northern Greek soccer clubs PAOK and Xanthi from being relegated due to alleged infringement of ownership rules.
The amendment passed by 156 votes to 90. Fifty-four deputies abstained.
Antonis Samaras, a former prime minister, and Giorgos Vagonias from New Democracy were absent from the vote.

Greek government seeks to avert north-south feud

Fearing reactions in northern Greece that would divide the country between north and south, the government on Tuesday announced an amendment that would ensure that northern clubs PAOK Thessaloniki and Xanthi are not relegated due to a breach of Super League rules which forbids two clubs from having common ownership.