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Jocić, accused of organizing murder of journalist, acquitted

Jocić, accused of organizing murder of journalist, acquitted

BELGRADE -- The Special Court in Belgrade has acquitted Sreten Jocić of the charge that he organized the murder of Croatian journalist and publisher Ivo Pukanić.

Pukanić's associate Niko Franjić also died when a device planted near Pukanić's car exploded, in October 2008.

Grigor Dimitrov: I'm Working on my Physical Endurance

Bulgarian tennis star Grigor Dimitrov was in Sofia on Saturday, where he gave a press briefing, after holding a training session for young talents at the Maleevi Tennis Club

"Every morning, you must wake up with a positive thought, with a high goal. Persistence is the formula for success. You must give the best of yourself at all times", Dimitrov told the aspiring kids.

Court Releases One Arrested for US Card Fraud, Other Stays Locked Up

One of the two Bulgarians arrested in Bulgaria for card fraud in the US, remains in custody, the other is released under home arrest, ruled the Sofia City Court. 

Mihail Petrov was released because he suffers from cerebral palsy and has clean police record, while Radoslav Pavlov is in good health and, though he also has clean record, will remain in custody for at least 60 days. 

Serbian McDonald's Denies Banning Roma Children

"Nicefoods Restaurants" says it will appeal against a judgment of the Novi Sad Court, which fined it 100,000 dinars (about 860 euro) for not allowing Roma children to enter McDonald's in the city of Novi Sad in 2012.

"Nicefoods Restaurants respect the ruling... but we will use our right and appeal the decision," the company said in a statement.

EU Court Rules That ISPs May Have To Block Pirate Sites

European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that EU countries can ask internet providers to block pirate sites with a court order. 

On Thursday the court's judges in Luxembourg ruled that Internet providers would be obliged to block illegal content online if the laws of one European member state dictate it.