UN Security Council

Dismissed for supporting Mladic

The reason for that is the support for the general of the former VRS, Ratko Mladic, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in The Hague for crimes during the past war in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Vukovic posted on his Facebook profile, along with a photo of general Mladic's hat:

Six months after independence, Slovenia recognised by number of countries

Ljubljana – The first countries recognised newly-independent Slovenia soon after it left Yugoslavia in June 1991, but most of them were brand new independent states themselves. A major wave followed in December and in January 1992, when Slovenia was also recognised by Germany, the Vatican and the EU’s predecessor – the European Community.

US Vetoed 3 Times UN Security Council Attempts to Stop Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

United States of America has re-taken a different attitude in response the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Three times, the United States has taken veto power to stop the UN security council's efforts to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.