UN Security Council

At the dawn of uncertainty

The wars in Ukraine and Gaza most likely mark the end of the system of global government instituted after World War II. However dysfunctional the UN Security Council was from the start, it had not been undermined to the level that it is today.

Vučić summarized the results of the UN visit: "Thirteen countries expressed concern"

"It was an important session of the Security Council, you could see what kind of situation we were in due to the behavior of Pristina, we could see that 12 or 13 out of 15 members of the SC unequivocally expressed their disagreement with Kurti's decision regarding the dinar ban, these are important messages, we fought honorably and fairly represented our country," said Vui.

Drecun: UNSCR 1244 is still alive

BELGRADE - The opportunity for Serbia to present the facts and explain the dramatic nature of the situation in Kosovo-Metohija is where the greatest significance of Thursday's UN Security Council session lies, says Milovan Drecun, outgoing head of the Serbian parliamentary committee on Kosovo-Metohija.