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"Serb participation depends on election rules"

"Serb participation depends on election rules"

BELGRADE -- President Tomislav Nikolić has said that participation of Serbs in elections in Kosovo will depend on the rules based on which the voting will be held.

Nikolić made the comments as he met in Belgrade on Monday with Farid Zarif, who serves as head of the UN administration in Kosovo, UNMIK.

IEA Denies Albania Breached Iran Oil Embargo

“The IEA did not suggest that Albania broke sanctions on Iran and any report that says otherwise needs to run a correction,” Magdalena Sanocka, a spokesperson for the IEA, said.

Sanocka said its report only mentioned Albania as a temporary destination for an Iranian oil tanker, which eventually unloaded its cargo elsewhere.

Albanians Row Over Oil Imports from Iran

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha on Thursday called for a parliamentary inquiry into claims that the centre-left government of Premier Edi Rama has imported oil from Teheran, breaking the UN-imposed embargo.

“The government has breached the embargo by allowing imports of oil from Iran, a grave national and international act,” Berisha said during Thursday's parliamentary session.