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Remarkable’ giant coral reef found off Tahiti

Scientists have discovered a vast reef of "pristine" rose-shaped corals apparently unharmed by climate change in deep water off the coast of Tahiti, UNESCO announced on Jan. 21.

Mapping approximately three kilometers (two miles) long and up to 65 meters (213 feet) wide, UNESCO said it was "one of the most extensive healthy coral reefs on record."

Tonga volcano eruption was like ’atomic bomb’

Tonga's volcanic eruption felt like an "atomic bomb" that shook "the whole island", an aid worker told AFP on Jan.21, as the Pacific nation raced to address a drinking water shortage.

Almost a week after the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano exploded, unleashing a tsunami and cutting Tonga off from the rest of the world, witnesses are recounting the disaster.

Netherlands ‘Spent Over €2.6 Million’ on Fighting Srebrenica Cases

"At the [defence] ministry there were many people working on these cases, from lawyers to administrative support. In total there have been seven or eight reports of more than 100 pages each. These have to be evaluated by employees of the ministry, but that is paid from the general budget and therefore we don't know exactly how much was spent on the Srebrenica cases," said van der Sluijs.

North Macedonia, Bulgaria PMs Proclaim Goodwill Ahead of Tough Talks

Bulgarian and North Macedonian Prime Ministers Kiril Petkov and Dimitar Kovacevski told a press conference after their meeting in Skopje on Tuesday that as a sign of initial goodwill, Bulgaria will no longer make an issue of the use of the name North Macedonia in international organisations, dropping its previous claims that the name implicates territorial claims against Bulgaria.

What happened at the Meeting between the Leaders of Bulgaria and North Macedonia

Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia have agreed to use the country's short name - North Macedonia. This became possible after Skopje sent a note to the UN stating that the name refers to political unification, but not to the geographical region, part of which is part of Bulgaria's territory.

Kosovo Families Face Losing Homes in Post-War Legal Shambles

From the post-war period in 2000 until Kosovo's declaration of independence in 2008, Kosovo was run by the UN's interim administration, UNMIK, which together with domestic political leaders attempted to create institutions that would be able to implement a newly-established legal framework for the country.