US State Department

Corruption Hindering Albania’s War on Terror, US Says

“While Albania has the political will to cooperate with countries in the region on counterterrorism initiatives, it lacked the capacity to implement effective controls,” the US State Department said.

“Corruption coupled with a poorly functioning judicial system continued to hinder Albanian efforts in law enforcement,” the report added.

US Embassy in Sofia's Ex-Employee Investigated over 'Mafia Links'

Gregory V. Houston, formerly working for the security of the American Embassy in Bulgaria, was investigated under suspicion of ties to te Bulgarian mafia and illegal activity.

An article in the Newsweek magazine dedicated to a murder of staff at the US Consulate in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, surprisingly involves the name of Houston and makes the revelation.

US 'Shows Evidence' of Russian Soldiers in Eastern Ukraine

The US State Department has released photos purportedly showing the presence of Russian soldiers in Eastern Ukraine.

According to US officials, the photos prove that some of the fighters taking part in Ukraine's recent unrest are actually special forces from Russia and even seemed to have Russian insignia, CNN has reported.