Abidin Ünal

‘Modernization plans of F-16s vital for Türkiye’

Türkiye has to give importance to the modernization plans to balance the air power in the Aegean in case of Greece's new aircraft projects, retired Turkish Air Force commander General Abidin Ünal has aid, adding that Türkiye should also rely on its domestic infrastructure.

One of the most discussed issues recently is the balance of power in the air force between Türkiye and Greece.

Turkey's top military board convenes for key meeting in Ankara

The Supreme Military Board (YAŞ) convened for a critical meeting under Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım on Aug. 2 to discuss promotions and expulsions from the military.

It is the third supreme military board meeting since the last year's failed coup attempt and the second with its changed structure.

Questions on intelligence gathering, sharing and assessment

First question that stands out in the debate on the tipoff to the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) headquarters on the day of the coup attempt on July 15 is whether it was "an  exact warning" of a coup. The second question is a more general one on whether any intelligence had reached government institutions beforehand on a coup attempt by the Gülen movement.