Andreea Marinescu

Several trade unions ask Gov't to ensure universal minimum income for all citizens

Several trade union organizations have requested on Tuesday that the authorities adopt a series of measures to overcome the social crisis, of which the first is to ensure a universal minimum income for all adult citizens, according to the release sent by the unions.

Plan of measures announced by Gov't seems made to save banks, multinationals, not SMEs or population (transporters)

The plan of measures announced by the Government seems to be made to save banks or multinationals, certainly not Romanian companies, especially SMEs, or the population, the Confederation of Authorized Operators and Transporters of Romania (COTAR) representatives said, in a release, sent, on Monday, to AGERPRES.

National Police Union: Officers poorly equipped for infectious environment, although protective gear mandatory

Despite a mandatory requirement for police who come in contact with the citizens to wear protective gear, this doesn't happen because of the scarce supplies with such equipment, reads an appeal by the National Police Officers Union (SNAP) to Minister of Interior Ion Marcel Vela.

Minister of Labor: We will soon take support measures for the employees in technical unemployment

The Government will soon take support measures for the employees of the companies that are facing a difficult situation caused by the economic effects of the coronavirus epidemic, the Minister of Labor and Social Protection, Violeta Alexandru, said on Wednesday on her Facebook account.

Healthcare system has serious deficiencies in terms of personal protective equipment in fight against COVID-19 (union)

Bucharest, March 17 /Agerpres/ - The perception of the employees in healthcare is that the healthcare system is not ready yet to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the biggest weakness being the serious deficiencies in terms of personal protective equipment, says the "Health Solidarity" Federation, which published a survey on Tuesday in which employees from the system participated.

Hospitality industry, strongly affected by coronavirus (study)

The hospitality industry is strongly affected by the spread of coronavirus, and companies in this industry are expecting a 50-60% drops in revenues, according to a study by the Hospitality Culture Institute released on Friday. Hotels, transport and travel agencies report massive declines in bookings and cancellations of events. With these, the food service industry is feeling a major impact.

COVID-19 impact expected to be negative on commercial real estate market short term (consultants)

The impact of COVID-19 will be negative in the short term on certain sectors of the commercial real estate market in Europe, provided that the outbreak gets under control within a reasonable time, says Anthony Selman, CBRE Head of Investment Properties Central and Eastern Europe.