Antonis Samaras

Former corruption prosecutor accuses Papangelopoulos of intervention

Greece's former corruption prosecutor Eleni Raikou, who quit her post in 2017 over alleged political interference in the Novartis bribery investigation, on Monday accused former Alternate Justice Minister Dimitris Papangelopoulos of a series of interventions in her work. 

Parliament body to decide on fate of Novartis probe

It remained unclear on Thursday whether the special Parliament committee which will be set up in early October to probe the possible mishandling of the alleged Novartis bribery case by the previous government will deem then that it is indeed the appropriate body to examine the case or if it will proceed to examine the testimonies of key figures and issue a finding.

Prosecutor claims politician meddled in Novartis and other probes

Supreme Court deputy prosecutor Ioannis Angelis claimed, during more than five hours of testimony on Thursday, that an unnamed politician dubbed "Rasputin" played a pivotal role in influencing the course of an investigation into the alleged bribery of politicians by the Swiss drugs manufacturer Novartis.