Bogdan Gabaroi

Les: Black Sea security entails serious concerns, Russia - biggest concern

The security in the Black Sea region entails serious concerns, Russia being the biggest concern, Defense Minister Gabriel Les on Friday told the international conference Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum, which is taking place in the seaside resort of Mamaia.

Viorica Dancila: I am determined to run for PSD helm at 29 June Congress

The Social Democratic Party (PSD, major at rule, ed.n.)'s acting chairperson Viorica Dancila, announced on Thursday in Parliament that she decided to run for the party's helm, at the 29 June Congress, without coming with a certain team, stating that would be "an inappropriate approach towards all colleagues and colleagues".

EximBank posts profit of 113.5 mln lei, at end-2018

 EximBank registered a profit of 113.5 million lei at the end of last year, the best financial performance of the bank in the past nine years, according to a press release issued on Wednesday for AGERPRES. At the end of 2018, the bank managed total exposures worth eight billion lei, up 30pct over the similar period in 2017.

Censure motion: Government with pro-European vision, with maximum 15 ministries, not 27

Romania urgently needs a government with a pro-European vision, with a maximum of 15 ministries, not 27, oriented to the country's development priorities: education, healthcare, public investment and attracting European funds, shows the text of the censure motion, tabled on Wednesday in Parliament.

Pope in Romania/Sovereign Pontiff, expected by thousands of believers at Sumuleu Ciuc, Iasi, on second day of his visit

Bucharest, June 1 /Agerpres/ - Thousands of believers from all over the country and abroad are waiting on Saturday for Pope Francis in Sumuleu Ciuc and Iasi, where the Sovereign Pontiff will be on the second day of his visit Romania. The Pope's visit began in Bucharest on Friday, and will end on Sunday at Blaj.

Pope in Romania/ Thousands of people in the streets in the rain near St Joseph Cathedral to salute Pontiff

The Holy Liturgy at the St. Joseph Cathedral in Bucharest attended by the Sovereign Pontiff has come to an end, with the choir's interpreting "Christ Is Risen!" Thousands of people waited in the rain in the streets near the St. Joseph Cathedral and the George Enescu Square to salute Pope Francis.

Pope in Romania/Sovereign Pontiff at National Cathedral: We should have the strength to forgive ourselves, to move on

Pope Francis on Friday delivered at the National Cathedral the Lord's Prayer (Our Father in Heaven) in Latin, about which he said it is a synthesis "of our identity of sons and in particular brothers who pray next to each other". "I wish I express my gratitude and emotion for being here in this holy temple that is clustering us in unity.

Pope in Romania/ Sovereign Pontiff welcomed with thousands of yellow, tricolour small flags at St Joseph Cathedral

Pope Francis has reached the Saint Joseph Cathedral to attend Holy Liturgy and deliver a homily. The Pontiff traveled the way from the National Cathedral to the St. Joseph Cathedral in his Romanian-made Popemobile, saluting on his road the thousands of people who were waving the Holy See yellow and the Romanian tricolour small flags.