Boyko Borissov

Borissov Raises Doubts Over Rotation Plan for March

In a notable shift from previous expectations, GERB leader Boyko Borissov cast doubt on the feasibility of the planned rotation in Bulgaria's government, suggesting that March 6th might not mark the anticipated transition. Speaking at the Bulgarian parliament, Borissov cautioned against premature assumptions regarding the rotation's timeline.

Borissov Vows No Coalition with "Vazrazhdane"

In a recent declaration to journalists at the National Assembly, GERB leader Boyko Borissov unequivocally stated that his party, GERB, would never entertain the prospect of forming a coalition or sharing governance with "Vazrazhdane." This announcement follows earlier accusations from Borissov towards his partners in the "We Continuing the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" coalition, alleging cland

Peevski Supports '2 in 1' Elections Amid Political Tensions

Amid escalating tensions within Bulgaria's political landscape, Delyan Peevski, the chairman of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) parliamentary group, has voiced his support for the concept of "2 in 1" elections, combining both parliamentary and European elections into a single event.

Borissov's Ultimatum: No Ministry of Foreign Affairs for GERB, No Assembly!

In a bold move, Boyko Borissov, the leader of GERB, issued a stern ultimatum, declaring that if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not remain within his party's control, there will be no further negotiations with their 'assembly' partner "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria (WCC-DB)", no government rotation, and he even hinted at the possibility of early elections.

Rotation Dispute: GERB Seeks Fresh Pick for Bulgarian Foreign Minister

In a move set to shake up Bulgaria's political landscape, the ruling party GERB has announced its intention to nominate a new candidate for the position of foreign minister during the ongoing ministerial rotation. This decision comes as a response to objections raised by the party We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria (WCC-DB) regarding the reappointment of Mariya Gabriel to the role.

Borissov Pushes for New Elections in Sofia

Boyko Borissov, the chairman of GERB, has voiced his preference for holding new elections for mayor and municipal council in Sofia, according to his statements to "Dnevnik" in the National Assembly. The ongoing deadlock in the Sofia Municipal Council (SMC) regarding the election of a chairman has prompted Borissov to advocate for fresh elections.

GERB Warns of Potential Government Crisis Over Foreign Minister Position

In a recent interview with BNT, GERB leader Boyko Borissov addressed concerns about the potential failure of the government rotation due to disagreements over the appointment of a new foreign minister. Borissov's remarks come amid tensions between the GERB party and the We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria (WCC-DB) coalition regarding the distribution of ministerial positions.