Boyko Borissov

GERB Leader Borissov: Hungary Backs Bulgaria in Schengen Pursuit

In a recent Facebook update, GERB leader Boyko Borissov announced Hungary's unwavering support for Bulgaria's Schengen aspirations. Borissov confirmed discussions with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, sharing Bulgaria's actions toward abolishing the gas transmission fee, set to be finalized by the week's end.

BREAKING: Hungary Will Veto Bulgaria’s Schengen Membership!

Hungary has formally confirmed its intention to veto Bulgaria's entry into the EU's travel zone if identity document control isn't implemented, announced the Hungarian Foreign Ministry in Budapest. This declaration marks the first official acknowledgment from Viktor Orban's government regarding this stance, following recent reports in the Financial Times.

Bulgaria: Borissov And Petkov Agree On Record Budget For Culture

In a groundbreaking move, Bulgaria prepares to approve an unprecedented budget allocation for culture following the upcoming vote on Budget 2024. Leaders from GERB, WCC-DB, and DPS, including Boyko Borissov, Kiril Petkov, and Delyan Peevski, disclosed plans for a staggering 520 million BGN to be channeled into cultural institutes.

Bulgaria: Probe into Boyko Borissov's Extortion Allegations Closed

Because of insufficient evidence to support criminal charges, the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office has concluded the inquiry into an alleged extortion case involving Boyko Borissov, former finance minister Vladislav Goranov, and GERB media advisor Sevdelina Arnaudova. This investigation was initiated following claims by gambling tycoon Vasil Bozhkov, who stated he was subjected to blackmail.

Bulgarian Politicians React to Austrian Shift Towards Schengen Air Access

Bulgaria's Prime Minister, Nikolai Denkov, lauded Austria's recent shift in stance as a positive step towards Schengen expansion. This move by Vienna signifies a willingness to grant Bulgaria and Romania entry into the border-free travel area, albeit limited to air travel for now.