Boyko Borissov

Political Parties Do Not Disclose Their Presidential Candidates for Fear of Unleashing Smear Campaign

President Rumen Radev announced, over the weekend, that the presidential election and the election for parliament would take place simultaneously - on 14 November. And even though there are just two months to go until them, the leading political players in the country are not disclosing the names of their candidates for president as yet.

Bulgaria will Finally give Vaccines against COVID-19 to North Macedonia

After former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov spoke about donating vaccines against COVID-19 in March and April, and the caretaker government continued talking in June decided on the donation in August, in September the procedure was completed by the Bulgarian institutions by a decision of the National Assembly on Wednesday (September 8).

Bulgaria Faces New Political Crisis,Early Elecrion Looming Large Again

Bulgaria will hold its third parliamentary election in just one year as parliament will be dismissed in mid-September and the president must schedule early elections in late October or early November.

At the same time, the country will also hold presidential elections, in which current President Rumen Radev is set to be the absolute favourite.

Bulgarian Socialists Make Last-Chance Attempt to Form Govt

Kornelia Ninova, the leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, casts her vote at parliamentary elections in March 2017. Photo: EPA/VASSIL DONEV

The BSP, which came third in the most recent polls in July, is being given the chance to form a government after failed attempts by the winning party There is Such a Nation and former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov's GERB.

Bulgaria’s Former Ruling Gerb Party Returns Mandate, Awaits Comeback

Gerb leder and former PM Boyko Borissov speaking after the July elections in Sofia, Bulgaria, 12 July 2021. Photo: EPA-EFE/VASSIL DONEV

However, hinting at its ambitions to form a government soon, despite returning the mandate to President Rumen Radev, GERB also announced a projected cabinet as a sign that it is ready to offer a new government at any time. 

Boyko Borissov: Consultations with President Are Meaningless, GERB Willl Win Next Elections

GERB leader Boyko Borissov said that "consultations with the President are pointless". This comment was posted via a Facebook video from the village of Krastava.

We will present "our cabinet it so that people can draw comparison," he said.

Video of Police Violence to Protesters Shakes Bulgaria

People at an anti-government protest in front of the Council of Ministers in Sofia, July 10, 2020. Photo: EPA-EFE/VASSIL DONEV

The probe comes after the release of video footage dated July 10 2020, acquired from the cameras of the Ministerial Council, which has caused fresh concerns about unsanctioned police brutality during the 2020-2021 protests.