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Macedonia Leaders 'Wasted Cash on Census', SJO Says

Macedonia's SJO on Wednesday said it suspects the leader of the largest ethnic Albanian party in Macedonia, the junior ruling Democratic Union for Integration, DUI, Ali Ahmeti, as well as former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, of spending 2.8 million euros on a census in 2011 which they later deliberately scrapped.

Macedonia Court Rejects Key Evidence Against Former PM

At the start of the trial in Skopje on Friday, the court refused to allow the testimony of a witness with a concealed identity to be used as evidence, as well as the audio recordings of wiretapped conversations between former Prime Minister and ruling VMRO DPMNE party leader, Nikola Gruevski and others indictees.

Macedonia Special Prosecution Probes Procurement Scam

Macedonia's special prosecution, SJO, says it suspects that four Interior Ministry and counter-intelligence operatives illicitly acquired hundreds of thousands of euros of budget money for procuring and then maintaining telecommunications surveillance equipment for the secret police between 2010 and 2015.

Macedonia Special Prosecution Raises First Indictments

Macedonia's Special Prosecution, SJO, tasked with probing high-level crime and corruption, on Thursday said it was raising its first criminal indictments.

Fourteen persons are indicted for "enticement and carrying out a criminal act against public order", while the other case concerns seven people employed in the secret police, for "illegal destruction of documentation".

Macedonia Prosecution Defies Pressure to Open New Probe

Macedonia's chief Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva on Thursday said her work was far from over and that her team was investigating more cases of alleged crime.

"We are here and we are working? I believe that justice will prevail," Janeva told a press conference attended by several EU ambassadors in Skopje.