Ivan Geshev

Vasil Bozhkov is returning to Bulgaria: 20 Charges in absentia in 3 Cases await him

The businessman Vasil Bozhkov announced on his Facebook profile that he is returning to Bulgaria this afternoon. Since January 2020, he has been in Dubai, and several investigations are being conducted against him in absentia and he has been declared an internationally wanted man.

Former Chief Prosecutor: Bulgaria is Run from the Back Seat of Jeeps

"There is no prosecutor's office and no chief prosecutor in the world that can fight corruption and theft when corruption and theft are the state policy. There is no way to achieve results for justice when the politicians who actually run the country and the economic circles behind them are at war and they don't want justice.

Survey: The Bulgarian President has the Highest Personal Rating, Little Trust for the New Cabinet

If the elections in Bulgaria were held in early July this year, GERB-SDS would receive 26.4% support, and WCC-DB 21.8%. "Vazrazhdane" and DPS would have almost similar positions, 14.9% and 14.5%, respectively. BSP remains in fifth place with 9.7%. "There Is Such a People" with 4.3%. "Bulgarian Rise" would receive 2%. This is shown by the data of "Gallup International Balkan".

Bulgaria: Former PM Boyko Borissov announced he will Waive his Immunity

GERB leader Boyko Borissov announced on the sidelines of the National Assembly that he would waive his immunity. It was requested by the former chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev because of the "Barcelonagate" investigation. So far, Borissov has refused to do so. Including on Wednesday morning (July 5), when the chairman of GERB said that "I will not give it to Geshev's classmates".

Former Chief Prosecutor enters Politics by creating a Civil Movement “Justice for Bulgaria”

The former chief prosecutor of Bulgaria, Ivan Geshev, announced that he is creating a civil patriotic and conservative movement called: "Justice for Bulgaria".

In a special video message, he announced that after his resignation as a regular prosecutor is finally accepted, he will "stand together with the people in the name of preserving the Bulgarian national identity".